Introductory Questions

  1. Provide your name, major, year in school.

    Catherine Herlihy, Majoring in Communication Design, Minoring in Drama, Senior

  2. Tell us a bit about your background and what prompted you to take this class.

    I have no background in coding, but since I am a Communication Design major, most of my senior classmates took this class last year. I heard great things, and liked the idea of learning a bit of coding, so here I am!

  3. Do you have any experience with HTML/CSS/JS? If so, tell us a bit about it.

    Nope! No experience with any of the above.

  4. Name one thing you hope to learn in this class.

    The basics of building a website without using a tool like Squarespace (if that's a thing).

  5. Name one way you expect designing for screen to be different from designing for paper.

    Less imagining what a final product will look like printed, and being able to see in real-time if design tweaks are succesfful.

  6. Provide a link to a website you think exemplifies effective design. Explain your choice. I think Airbnb's website exemplifies effective design because it has a very user-friendly interface and also is visually appealing.

  7. Provide a link to a website you think exemplifies effective communication. Explain your choice. : Adobe Spark's website exemplifies effective communication because it clearly explains how the app can be used, while also mimicking the style of the app's presentations.

  8. Provide a link to a website you think works well. Explain your choice. : You may not be able to see the interface without an account, but Canva is a website that I think works beautifully well because it is like Illustrator simplified. All the elements are easy to find, download, and share. I use it for my job, so thank goodness it works well!